LGBT Influencer Marketing

How many digital influencers have you partnered with in the last 12 months? STUDY: 6 in 10 YouTube subscribers would follow advice on what to buy from their favorite creator over their favorite TV or movie personality.

What is LGBT Influencer Marketing?

LGBT influencer marketing is a subset of digital marketing in which a brand partners with one or more digital LGBT celebrities (“influencers”) to amplify their brand message. Rather than relying on traditional digital marketing methods alone, brands hire influencers who have a lot of digital clout and large social media followings to help increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Who is an LGBT Influencer?

As mentioned above, an LGBT influencer is somebody with a lot of digital clout and a large social media following, specifically within the LGBT community. The size of the the influencer’s following can vary from a few thousands to a few million.

How to find an LGBT Influencer to work with?

Check out my list of 100+ gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and drag queen influencers here.

How to contact LGBT Influencers?

Depending on the size of an LGBT influencer’s following, they may or may not be working with a management company. The easiest way is to check for contact information is to look on their social media accounts, their YouTube channel and their personal website. If you still can’t find their contact information, or if you’d like some extra advice on reaching out, send an email me at with the subject “Contacting LGBT Influencers” and I will help you out.

Remember: Never assume an LGBT influencer’s gender identity or gender pronouns. Although the majority of LGBT influencers identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, other identify as “queer,” “genderqueer,” “genderfluid,” and “non-binary” (just to name a few). Before reaching out, check out their social media accounts or watch a few videos on their YouTube channel to see how they identify and address themselves. If you are unsure how they identify or what pronouns to use (i.e. “he,” “she,” “they”) when you reach out, simply ask politely and they will let you know.

How are brands working with LGBT Influencers?

Partnering with LGBT influencers is one of the best ways to reach gay and lesbian target audiences, especially Millennials and Gen Z. Check out some of my recent LGBT influencer marketing success stories below, then feel free to contact me at to discuss how you can amplify your brand message by leveraging LGBT influencers.


Success Story #1: Trivago’s “NYC Wedding Surprise” Video

  • Brand: Trivago
  • Media Partner: Q.Digital (Queerty)
  • LGBT Influencer Partner: Max Emerson
  • Marketing Strategies Used: Video + Social Media (Organic & Paid) + Email + Branded Content + Digital Advertising (Display & Pre-Roll)


Success Story #2: This Free Life’s “Lessons in Flawless” Video Sweepstakes


Success Story #3: Corona’s “Find Your Beach” Interviews

lgbt gay influencer marketing corona branded content find your beach rj aguiar will shepherd


Success Story #4: Visit Seattle’s “#SeattleProud” Video


Success Story #5: Aloft Hotel’s “Live Like a Local” Interviews

lgbt gay influencer marketing aloft branded content live like a local eli lieb


Success Story #6: New Orleans Tourism’s “Out in GayCities: Season 4” Video Series


Success Story #7: OraQuick’s “Own It!” Video Series