LGBTQ influencer marketing success story: GayCities & New Orleans


Late last year, the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation‘s advertising agency reached out to my team at Q.Digital with the goal of increasing awareness and consideration of New Orleans as a travel destination within the LGBTQ community. To help turn this goal into a reality, we developed a plan to partner with Max Emerson and Kyle Krieger, two popular (and easy on the eyes) Instagram/YouTube influencers.

We sent Max and Kyle to New Orleans for a few days to shoot a new season of Out in GayCities, a travel video series GayCities launched in 2013 (in partnership with Lexus). Max and Kyle have a great on-screen chemistry, which made for great video content and a great season!

In addition to generating more than 31,000 views through the Queerty YouTube channel, Max and Kyle collected a combined 50,000 views on the videos they each posted on their personal YouTube channels. The videos were also posted directly to the GayCities Facebook page, generating more than 24,000 additional views. Through working with Q.Digital, the New Orleans Out in GayCities video series generated more than 100,000 organic views in just over two month. (Note: These view counts were collected on August 31, 2016.)

New Orleans: Louisiana Gumbo – Out in GayCities Season 4 Ep1

Watch the Facebook video >

New Orleans: Gay Mardi Gras – Out in GayCities Season 4 Ep2

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New Orleans: Scavenger Hunt – Out in GayCities Season 4 Ep3

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New Orleans: Swamp Tour – Out in GayCities Season 4 Ep4

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Max Emerson’s Promo Video

Kyle Krieger’s Promo Video

In addition to creating the videos, Max and Kyle were each posted  about New Orleans to their social channels. Most of the posts came organically while they were filming in New Orleans, but we also contracted them to post about the video series once it went live. In total, the duo posted more than 25 times across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (their combined social following is well over one million).

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The GayCities microsite

We also built a microsite on GayCities and promoted the series to the Q.Digital network using a mix of branded content, social media and email marketing.

The New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation and the agency we partnered with have been so thrilled with the success of this series that they are planning to be promote them further through a series of interactive banner ads displayed to the Q.Digital network (coming soon!).

We’ve been so happy to see the success of this campaign! The influencer partnership decisions we made amplified the reach of the videos and have exceeded the client’s goals. If you need help with an LGBTQ influencer marketing campaign, email me directly at

We cute on the Bayou #LoveNola @maxisms

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